The Best Online Tools For Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is without a shadow of a doubt more crucial today than ever before. New trends in the industry like the AI revolution and the rise of voice search mean that you if you want to stay competitive, then you need to top up your game. If you want to get started with search engine optimization or just want to get better results, you may want to try out the following popular SEO tools.

Google Keyword Planner

There is no denying that SEO analysis has become more important for the App Store, YouTube, and Amazon. However, most online business owners are more interested in how their content appears on the search giant Google.

To access all Google Keyword Planner’s capabilities, you’ll need a Google AdWords account, but the tool is actually free to anyone with a Google Account. This tool has two primary capabilities, discovering keywords as well as looking at keyword metrics.

For the former, you enter phrases that are connected to your niche and then it gives you a list of suggested keywords. This includes an estimate of monthly search results, cost per click estimations as well as competition.

In the latter, you can utilize the tool to compare the analytics of the keyword. It reveals the number of clicks and impressions a monthly ad targeting a specific keyphrase. It ideally shows how much it would all cost.


This is another popular keyword research tool that among many other things makes it easy to find out what keywords any page on the internet is ranking for. It gives you detailed information regarding those phrases including their position in the search engine results pages, the URLs to which they drive traffic and trends in the last 12 months.

With this feature-rich SEO tool, it’s easy to find out what phrases your competitors are ranking for and create great content around those keywords. It ideally offers more features and while it does not come cheap, the company offers a 14-day free trial if you want to test it out.


This is a handy site analysis tool that gives useful insights that help you improve your websites search engine optimization. It generates a search engine optimization score for your website as well as a Marketing Checklist which outlines the steps you should take to fix any issues with your website’s SEO.

Another appealing feature of Woorank is the social shareability pane. This is a section that provides social media data like the number of comments, likes, shares, bookmarks, and backlinks.

Ideally, it has an excellent mobile section where you will find information on how your web pages render on mobile devices as well as how fast they load.


This is a tool used to conducting keyword research on an array of platforms including YouTube, Amazon, Google, Wikipedia, etc. If you are on the search for keywords beyond Google, this is an ideal starting point.

Once you type in a keyword and pick your region, the tool will create a list of numerous long-tail keywords that are related to your entry. For example, you can look specifically at Amazon keywords and filter them or search through those of any of the platforms they support.


This is a tool that allows you to see how your site looks to search engines. Simply put, it strips your webpage and reveals the underlying structure. This is a handy feature as it helps you know whether search engine bots are having a hard time accessing important information on your website. The SERP feature is perhaps the neatest feature of this free tool. It shows a preview of how your website appears in the search results.


This is another handy SEO tool that scrapes data from Keyword Planner for phrase ideas based on the term you type in. Ubersuggest ideally returns helpful data for every keyword including the level of competition, CPC, and search volume.

An appealing feature of this SEO tool is the ability to filter out keywords that you are not interested in from search results. With the recently updated version, it is now possible to enter URLs and get metrics on domains.

These are some of the most popular and handy tools that you should consider for your SEO efforts.