Das Pretzel Dog
Tenderbelly Frank Wrapped In A German-Style Pretzel
Side of Chips

Beef, Spicy Chicken or Spinach and Cheese
$3.75 each or $10.00 for 3

Shamane's Chicken Pot Pie
Served with Side of Chips

Meat and Cheese Board
Gruyere, Sharp Cheddar, Gorgonzola, Peppered Salami, Spicy Sopreseta, Genoa Salami, Olives, Walnuts, and Crackers

Chips and Salsa

Das Pretzel
Warm German-style soft Pretzel

Bacon Panini
Bacon, Tomato & Smoked Cheddar
Side of Chips


Caprese Panini
Mozzarella, Tomato Pesto
Side of Chips