About Us

Powderkeg SEO Company is engaged in helping coffee shops, roasters, and cafes run their companies more effectively and sell more of their products and services.

The company’s mission is to improve the relationships between coffee shop owners, roasters, and customers. This helps make sure that coffee shops get a higher volume of traffic and revenue.

We provide up-to-date Internet marketing-related information including the latest trends, growing online opportunities, search engine optimization techniques and instruction on how to leverage the world’s largest advertising platform.

In addition, we offer articles and blogs providing helpful advice to advertisers, our peers and the industry at large.

We offer specialized products such as visual advertising and print advertising, direct response promotions, public relations and marketing efforts, show-booth communications and more. We also provide clients with a choice of exclusive online advertising solutions, including private label digital marketing solutions and contract print advertising. We offer email

Our passion for coffee and helping people drives us to provide SEO services you can’t find anywhere else! As a leading provider of SEO services since 2007 we have helped thousands of brands, websites and individuals develop an online presence. Our SEO Services span over Search Engine Optimization, Social Media, eCommerce, Links Building, Audio/Video Production and much more. For every business that calls us to enhance their brand, website, or eCommerce site we will do all that we can to provide the best SEO services and result.

We know that you love your business and what you do and so do we, that’s why we’re here. We promise we will do our best to serve you so that you can continue to promote your vision! We will always make sure we understand your every need and our specialist will do our best to respond to your every call/email. Please feel free to contact us for any of our contact and learning opportunities.